My Child

Sometimes he can be a nightmare. At least for me. He is usually a very good baby; calm and quiet, plays with his toys. Hell he even lets me sleep a little extra in the mornings some days. Today was not one of those days. Today has not been a good day for him. I am pretty sure his canines are coming through. They tried to once before, like a week ago, but they went back up. 

He was showing all of his tired signs. Rubbing his eyes, saying “mama” over and over again, pulling at the blanket on my lap. So I picked him up and out him to sleep. He is still swaddled, so that part is pretty easy. After wrapping him up he just falls asleep. (Sidenote: Not excited about stopping the swaddling. We let it go on way to long.) This time he didn’t fall right asleep. He laid in his crib for maybe 10-15 minutes before he started making noises. 

I go get him and he’s all smiles and giggles. I love my baby when he’s like that. He didn’t want to be put down, so we watched a video on YouTube, and then we was ok with being put down. For all of 5 minutes. Then he started fussing and showing tired signs again. This time he thought it would be fun to pull my books out, and throw toys at me. When he’s this tired he gets violent. 

Went to go lay him down. I think he’s down for real this time. I hope so. I need to do dishes. 


My baking obsession

I have a love for baking. I always have. I even tried going to school for cooking, because there was a baking section. I don’t really like cooking though. 

Not everything I do looks amazing, but it always tastes amazing. 

I don’t really make my own recipes though, and that’s my big downfall. If I knew the science of baking, this would probably be a baking blog. But it’s not, because I don’t know. 

Recently I have made butterless and flourless peanut butter cookies, that were better then any other peanut butter cookies I have had. The secret is rolling them in sugar. Today I plan on making a Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. And Friday I will be making 36 cupcakes and a 9 in cake. 

My favorite part of baking is how methodical it is. Unlike cooking, everything has to be exact measurements. It makes me think and calms me down when I measure things out. I have to look at a recipe like 4 times before I measure, just to be sure. 

I also follow a ton of food blogs on Tumblr and Facebook. That is where I get most, if not all, of my recipes. I get hungry just looking through my feeds. 

The only bad thing about my baking, is I have a huge sweet tooth; so the sweets I spend so much time on are usually gone within the day. 

Good Morning, at least for me.

I’m not sure what time it is where you guys are, but it’s 8:39 AM here. Currently I am watching Rehab Addict while my son is down for his morning nap and my husband is still asleep. Still hasn’t even woken up. I’m never mad at him about that though, he has insomnia and some days it gets pretty bad. Last night I don’t think he went to bed until 2 AM. I wouldn’t know though. I was asleep. 

My mornings aren’t always fun. Throughout the night I wake up to feed my son, and then usually around 6:30-7 AM he wakes up and wants to play. So we go in the living room and watch Octonauts, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the other shows that are on Disney that early. I don’t like to put it on Disney Junior, because I feel like the early morning shows aren’t nearly as educational. I personally like Octonauts the best. It teaches about underwater animals, and I love marine animals. I would have wanted to be a marine biologist…if I knew how to swim. 

I give my son some cheerios and he’s a happy camper for a few hours. He plays and throws cheerios at me. But I love him. At around 8 he starts getting fussy, so I go lay him down. Sometimes I’m lucky and he will sleep for 2 more hours, and usually I go back to sleep too. I just can’t this morning. I had a hard time going back to sleep when he woke up at 5 this morning. 

Today my husband goes to work at 1 and gets off at 730. I don’t know what else there is to do today for me. I know dishes need to be finished, and my sons clothes need put away. But that’s it. I guess I have an easy day ahead. Our apartment isn’t that big, so it’s not like there is much to clean. 

Anyways, this is my good morning post. So good morning. 

Dinner fights

I had dinner all planned out. We were going to have breakfast for dinner. Nice fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon and cheesy eggs. Yum. We only needed milk, because ours had gone bad that morning, or at least it was to me.

Then my husband comes home. Apparently he wanted chicken. More specifically chicken parm. We only have chicken for that. No breadcrumbs, no good cheese. Yes you can use flour, but I prefer the breadcrumbs. Gives it a better crunch and extra flavor.

So he gets upset we aren’t doing that. I told him if he wanted that he needed to go get the stuff, but of course that’s to much work. He doesn’t want to go out in the heat. Its understandable. Its 108 out, and its almost 8 PM. California for you.

So now he’s upset that he doesn’t get the chicken parm, or pancakes because of the bad milk. So I said eggs and bacon. Its still good! Doesn’t give me an answer.

So now I’m frustrated because he doesn’t want to do anything about it, but doesn’t want anything here.

An insight into me

This is my first post on here; and while I have tried this blogging thing multiple times, I am always at a loss for words. It’s no different this time. The reason why I keep trying to this is because I have a need to put words down on something. I am terrible at keeping a journal, even worse then I am at blogging. Surprising I know. I have good intentions with it, but it’s mainly just writing down my thoughts and feelings and things like that. You know, what most blogs are about. I’m not going to blog about any one thing. 

I cook. I bake. I coupon. I’m a mom before all of that though. I’m going to school. I’m married. I stay at home. I read. I watch TV. I’m a normal person that has hobbies and interests. I don’t Vlog, I hate pictures of myself. And my blogs will more then likely start off one way and end a different way. 

As I am typing I think of something else I want to say, and instead of making a new post about it, I clump it all into one post. I don’t want to clog up anyone’s email. 

I honestly can’t think of anything else right now, but who knows. In 15 minutes I might have another post up because I forgot something.